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Dealer Agent Programs In Depth is one of our latest publications!

Here's the contents:


1.  What is a dealer agent?

2.  How the program works in depth.

3.  The dealer agent contract

4.  I've signed the contract - Now what?

5.  How is paperwork handled?

6.  I bought a car at the auction - Now what?

7.  I sold a car - Now what?

8.  Do I have to accompany the dealer at the auction?

9.  Where do I store cars?

10.  How is registration handled?

11.  How are smog and safety checks handled?

12.  What if I do not report a sale to the dealer?

13.  How much money can I make as an agent?

14.  Are dealer agent programs legal?

15.  How much does it cost?

16.  How do I find dealers offering the program?

17.  Is there a limit to the number of cars I can sell?

18.  Dealer Agent Program Advantages

19.  Can I buy at any dealer auction?

20.  What about state tax?

21.  What about federal income tax - How do I report it?

22.  What if I buy a lemon?

23.  What legal recourse do I have?

24.  What legal resource does the dealer have?

25.  Do I have the same rights as an employee?

26.  Do I have to buy and sell cars in my own state only?

27.  Can the dealer revoke my right to enter the dealer auction at any time?

28.  What if a car I buy gets vandalized or stolen?

29.  Is it better to get my own dealer license?

30.  How to become a dealer and offer the program to others

31.  How much money can I make by offering the program to others?

32.  Sample dealer agent contracts


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