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"Helping People Become Auto Brokers Since 1997"


What is an Auto Broker?

An auto broker is simply the middle-man between dealers and retail customers.   Auto brokers negotiate sales of used and new vehicles for people who don't want the hassle of driving to auto dealerships and haggling for low prices -  auto brokers take care of all the negotiations!


How Much Money do Auto Brokers Make?

Auto brokers make incredible money but of course the better businessman  you are, the more money you will make auto brokering.  Generally, auto brokers make from $500 to $2,500 comission on each sale -  that's more than car salesmen!


The Rapid Growth of Online Auto Brokering

Traditional auto brokering is very profitable.  However, the growth of the internet has made online auto brokering a "gold-mine".  Many traditional auto brokers are making more money on the internet than they are making working out of a small office - and by combining traditional auto brokering with online auto brokering, many auto brokers are turning huge profits.


How to Learn to Become an Auto Broker

I have done extensive research of auto brokering in all 50 states by research on the field and in law libraries.  Result?  I have created the "Ultimate Auto Broker's Kit".


What is the "Ultimate Auto Broker's Kit"?

The "Ultimate Auto Broker's Kit".  It consists of two separate publications that are guaranteed to help anybody into the auto brokering business.   It works in all 50 states - guaranteed!

The first part is the "Dealer License Manual".  It is a complete 63 page instructional manual that will show you how to get a dealer license in all 50 states.  Since I am an actual licensed and bonded dealer, I'll show you how to meet minimum licensing requirements.   (Yes, you do need a car dealer's license to become an auto broker!).

The second part of the kit is a "companion supplement" providing useful tips for becomming an auto broker, including  "How to Establish Relationships With Banks and Auto Dealerships" when becoming an auto broker.  Obviously, the most important part of auto brokering is establishing relationships with banks and dealerships!








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"Helping People Become Auto Brokers Since 1997"