car salesman jobs


The Car Salesman:

Jobs as car salesmen can be found just about everywhere.  Car dealerships are constantly hiring new car salesmen.  You can find car salesman jobs in classified ads, on the internet and most commonly, at the car dealerships themselves!  Although the amount of profit varies from dealership to dealership, most car salesmen just earn enough money to get by week-to-week.  The hours can be long, the waiting tedious and weeks can go by without seeing acceptable income as a car salesman.


How to Get a Car Salesman License:

Getting a Car Salesman License is very simple.  Once you secure a job as a car salesman, you simply go to your motor vehicle department to sign up as a car salesman.   You will have to pay a nominal fee, usually around $100.  The car dealership you are signed under will tell you exactly what to do, so getting a car salesman license should not make you worry.


What Every New Car Dealership Does Not Want Their Car Salesmen to Know:

New car dealerships consist of dealers (owners) and car salesmen (sellers).   Obviously, most profit goes right into the dealers' pockets and the car salesmen are often left with "pocket-change".  The dealers of new car dealerships have what is called a "New-Car Dealer License".  It is a state license that gives them the power to sell new cars.  There is also a "Used-Car Dealer License".  Getting one of these is the hottest-kept secret in the auto industry!

Quite simply, car salesmen don't realize how much more money they could be making if they just had their own "Used-Car Dealer License". 

Of course, many car salesmen eventually discover how profitable it is to buy and sell used cars with a used car dealer license.  After they get one, they quit their car salesman jobs.  After all, there would clearly be a conflict of interest if a used car dealer is employed by his own competetor!


Where Can A Car Salesman Get Info On Car Dealer's Licenses?

I've created a resource that is very useful to car salesmen.  Since 1997, I have been helping car salesmen in my local community get their own dealer licenses.   Eventually, I expanded to the Internet.  Now, car salesmen from across the U.S. can go to a site that is designed to help them make the income they can only dream about.  Here's the good news:  If you are a car salesman or future car salesman and want to learn how to buy and sell cars on your own without a greedy dealer taking all your profit, just follow my link.  Kiss your car salesman days goodbye!