The Wholesale Car Business Survival Guide is one of our latest publications!

This publication is loaded with very useful information about the wholesale car business.

Here's the contents:



Topics include:

1.  Introduction to the Wholesale Car Business.

2.  What You Need to Know to Become a Wholesaler

3.  How to Obtain a Wholesale License

4.  How Much Money do Wholesaler's Really Make?

5.  Where Wholesalers Buy Cars - A Step-by-Step Approach

6.  Where Wholesalers Sell Cars

7.  How to Sell a Car at the Dealer Auction - Tips and Tricks

8.  What to Do if a Car Does Not Sell at the Dealer Auction for Your Asking Price

9.  Vital Advice for the High Volume Wholesaler

10. Misc. Tips and Tricks

11.  BONUS SECTION!  Sealed Bid Auctions - What They are and How to Find Them


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